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Freelance Visual Arts writer & critic - Bibiliography (since 2003)

Catalogue Essays

Sam Messenger, Fracture, 2014
The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream, Solstice Arts Centre, 2012

As if there was a tomorrow, Gereon Krebber, Comma 37, Bloomberg SPACE, 2011
Helga Steppan, Parallelistic Imitations, 2010
Petri Ala-Maunus
, There is a place in heaven for me and my kind, Mother's Annual 2009
Imperfect Present, FANTOPIA – A state of impossible perfection. Or, how to live with perfect people (and not kill them), Mother's Annual 2009
Tadhg McSweeney, Overworld, 2008
Better is Something You Build, Group show at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, 2008
Ulrich Vogl, from Better is Something You Build, 2008
In a certain light, Diana Copperwhite, 2006
Undercurrents: Beneath the surface of Stephen Loughman’s The Lake, 2006
Seeing is Believing, Group show at Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, 2005
Bloodshot Brighteyed, Berlin group show featuring London based artists, Graham Hudson, Gereon Krebber, John Summers and Sylke Joa, October 2004

Art Reviews (selected)

Magill, From Jesus to Sartre, Isabel Nolan, Willie Doherty & Gerard Byrne exhibition review, March 2008
Magill, Bunnies in dystopia, Atsushi Kaga, Blaise Drummond, exhibition review, June/July 2007
Visual Artists News Sheet, Review, Square Root of Drawing at Temple Bar & Getting on Mothers Nerves at Mothers Tankstation, exhibition review, Dec 2006
Contemporary, Frances Hegarty and Andrew Stone: Ex Machine, review Sept 2006
Circa, Norbert Schwontkowski: Zip Code, Kerlin exhibition review, Circa 116, Summer 2006
Contemporary, Laurie Anderson: The Record of the Time, IMMA exhibition review, Issue 75, 2005
Contemporary, Peter Granser, Belfast Exposed exhibition review, Issue 73, 2005
Circa, A German Dream at the National Gallery, Review, Issue 111, Spring 2005
Irish Examiner, From a winter’s journey to holidays under the sun, Dublin round up, 26th Jan 2005
Irish Examiner, Paintings of every size and hue, Dublin exhibition round up, 9th March 2005
Contexts, Dreaming of the Dragon’s Nation, Review of exhibition at IMMA, Issue 4, 2004
The Guardian, Modotti and Weston: The Mexico Years, Barbican exhibition review, May 8th 2004
The Guardian, Catherine Opie: Surfers, Stephen Friedman Gallery exhibition review, Jan 28th 2004
Contemporary, Morten Nilsson: Dancers, Tom Blau Gallery exhibition review, Issue 66, 2004
Contemporary, John Riddy: Recent Places, Frith Street Gallery exhibition review, Issue 61, 2004
Metro London, Steve McQueen: Into this world, review, April 6th 2004
The Guardian, Bill Brandt: Nudes, Focus Gallery exhibition review, Nov 29th 2003
The Guardian, Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize 2003, NPG exhibition review, Nov 13th 2003
The Guardian, Kyoichi Tsuzuki: Happy Victims, Photography Gallery exhibition review, Oct 25th 2003
The Guardian, Simone Nieweg: Landscapes, London Goethe Institut exhibition review, Sept 25th 2003
Art Review, Contacts, artandphotographs exhibition review, July/August 2003
Contemporary, Christian Jankowski: Bravo Jankowsi, Lisson Gallery exhibition review, Issue 57, 2003

Articles (selected)

Magill, Spectres in the night, Interview with Alice Maher, Oct/Nov 2007
Magill, Joe Duggan: Family Guy, August 2007
Magill, Ottman's place, ev+a 2007, Interview with curator Klaus Ottman, May 2007
Magill, Sweep of human life, William Hogarth at Tate Britain, Interview with curator Mark Hallet, March 2007
Magill, Portraits and cityscapes, Alex Katz at IMMA, interview with curator Juan Manuel Bonet April 2007
Visual Arts Newsletter, Media Representation of the Visual arts, Sept 2006
Visual Arts Newsletter, The Studio, 2006
Visual Arts Newsletter, From Headlines to History, Interview with Tom Hunter July/Aug 2006
Circa, Interview with Mary McIntyre, Circa 116, Summer 2006
Irish Examiner, Veneration of the Cross, Interview with Dorothy Cross, 2nd June 2005
Irish Examiner, Interview with Laurie Anderson, 2nd February 2005
Irish Examiner, John’s Journey to the heart of his art, Interview with Joan Rothfuss, 9th Feb 2005
Contexts, Authorship & Ownership, article about authorship, Issue 4.2, 2005
Circa, Walking on Murals, The Fifth Column, Issue 109, Autumn 2004

Online articles
Interview with Emily Druiff, Director of Peckham Space, Creative and Cultural Skills, 2011
Interview with Jane Alison, Senior Curator, Barbican, Creative and Cultural Skills, 2011
Interview with Philomena Francis, Creative and Cultural Skills, 2009
with Jude Kelly, Artistic Director Southbank, Creative and Cultural Skills, 2009
Interview with Marcus Davey, Chief Executive, The Roundhouse, Creative and Cultural Skills, 2009

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